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Welness Relaxation & Holiday - Ayurvedic Treatments
Our Ayurveda treatment is designed for each guest after the consultation by our resident qualified Ayurvedic physician. Our young, professional, dedicated, multilingual team serves to meet your health needs above your satisfaction. The course of treatment can differ from one individual to another. A treatment plan will consist of 7-days course, 14-days course and 21-days course.
We have the following Ayurvedic Treatments:
» Panchakarma – Purification Therapy
» Abhyanga – Synchronized Massage
» Drasvasveda - Herbal Bath
» Ushmasveda - Herbal Steam Bath
» Vaaspasveda - Herbal Steam Inhalation
» Sarawangadara - Fermentation
» Shirodara - Head Oil Bath
» Lepa / Alepa - Herbal Pastes
» Phisichill - Oil Bath
» Nasya - Nasal Treatment
» Pichu - Scrubs
» Pindasveda - Milk Rice Treatment
» Vasti Karma- Medicated Enema Treatment
» Virechana - Purgative Therapy
» Raktha Mokshana Karma - Blood Letting Therapy
» Ayurveda Facial Treatment
» Herbal Decoctions

Yoga Practices

The word ‘Yoga’ means to merge or unite. Yoga is based on the concept that the body and breath are intimately connected with the mind. Yoga Therapy is the use of yoga postures, meditation and pranayama to help the body naturally heal and balance itself. Certain yogic practices have been shown to have specific healing qualities in addition to yoga’s inherent ability to create wellness and good health. OBH makes bookings for the Yoga retreats within the resort and organizes personal Yoga instructors for individual guests.

Our world is fast, fun and exciting. It is also challenging, trying, demanding and frightening. These two sides of our lives produce stress, emotional reactions, anxiety, worry, depression and anticipation. To manage these universal concerns we must go inside ourselves. Among the steps we can take is the practice of meditation. Meditation is an exercise, aiming to prevent thoughts in a natural way, by deeply relaxing the physical body and then trying to keep the mind completely "blank" with no thoughts whatsoever.

This state may be maintained for a few seconds or a few hours, depending on your skill. Purity of the mind achieved during meditation is essential to gain access to higher self. OASEY Beach Hotel arranges personal meditation exercises by spiritual teachers who have been practicing it for many years and make you understand the more about the meditation techniques emerged from Buddhist thoughts. The resort’s environment paves the path for a spiritual meditation.
Body Massage
We start this treatment by applying oil to a part of the body, and start massaging according to doctor’s advice, either gently or roughtly along the muscle formation. While pressing the certain hormonal points on the body.

Body massage is done synchrosonously, to prevent parts of the body getting over activated. Body Massage is a part of Snehakarma and Swedakarma, the sweating therapy.
Face Massage
We start this treatment by applying cream or oil according to the need of your face, and gently massage along the muscle formation of your face.

This massage has to be done under most silent condition and then you will feet more relaxed, and might fall asleep while doing the massage, After two or three days, others will see a remarkable brightness in your face and a smooth skin which gives more younger appearance to the body.
Foot Massage
A balm for weary feet. This treatment begins with a relaxing foot soak using mint to refresh tired soles.

This is followed by an aromatic foot and leg massage using essential oils to promote circulation and cool tired feet.
Flower Bath
Herbal bath is another treatment that we give at the end of the daily treatment. The purpose of the herbal bath is to wash away all the harmful micro organisms which has come out of the body, due to the different treatments.

For this purposes, we prepare this natural disinfectant water by boiling ten different types of fresh herbs and dry herbs together. This gives more medicinal effect of herbs to the body. This is the last of treatment course.
We fill the normal bathtub, with fresh flowers, water and add seven different types of fresh scents into it. This gives a relaxing feeling and good effect to the body. Normally the fragrant smell of the water will remain in your body for nearly two days.
Rice Pack Massage and Steam Inhalation
This is a very special treatment that you will get during the third part of the course, which also has to be done before noon.  Before rice pack massage, the therapists will apply oil, on your body, and massage the body with a steamed rice pack.

The rice pack is made out of rice, that cooked with different herbal medicines and at the moment of the massage this pack is steamed and kept on the body, at a low temperature which the body can bear.

It gives relief to muscle pain.
Steam Inhalation
For this treatment, we boil ten types of fresh herbs and dry herbs together, according to the necessity of the body, and we allow the person to inhale the fumes, according to the time which the doctor has prescribed.

It helps
(a)  To clear the lungs
(b)  To clear the sinus passages
This is a very special and effective treatment for the stress condition, which is done under the perfect silent condition before noon. By this treatment we increase the blood circulation of the brain, to provide more nourishment to repair brain cells and to generate more brain cells.

This is very effective for the eye site, ears, and migraine and headaches. It improves the memory and makes you to have more relaxed mind.
Intensive Massage
Intensive massage is done in the second part of your treatment course instead of the synchron body massage. The therapists will apply oil on the body, and make you to exercise each part of your body, as well as the joints. In Sanskrit language, this is known as ‘Abiyanga’. This treatment is specially designed for people, who has stiff joints, joint pain and stiff muscles, usually known as arthritis condition.
Steam Bath

This is also a treatment to make the body sweat, by directing the herbal steam to the whole body, it is something similar to sauna, but it is not the same. This is known as swedakarma.
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